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Re: Need help from those with experience in severe feeding problems

My son hated all of the sensory toys in his mouth. They wanted him to do an electric toothbrush. Total meltdown! He was only yogurt and half melted ice cream in the beginning. Then we added runny baby oatmeal when DD2 was born and she was eating it. The nice thing about oatmeal is that you can make it thicker to add texture gradually.

We progressed to ice cream with 1 sprinkle. Then ice cream and yogurt with 2 sprinkles. Then mom tried oatmeal with brown sugar sprinkles and regular sprinkles, letting him be the one to put the sprinkles in. Then we added yougurt with fruit in it to add a little texture.

I would honestly stick with the yogurt and try adding tiny bits of texture to one or two bites after a couple "safe" bites but before he is finished. And I'd only mess with maybe 2 bites per meal so you don't lose your "safe" food.

We also gave DS chewy toys to play with away from the table. He got so that he could tolerate chewy toys that did not have a flavor, but one crumb in there would make him gag and vomit.

Gradually, after the yogurt went well, we added in frozen Gogurts, which he liked a lot. He also got to like the fruit squeezes. This added new flavors, but was still safe. From there, we eventually were able to add canned manderin oranges cut up real small, and branch into juicy fruits with no peel.

I would try to contact the Food Chaining ladies. They are amazing at helping people go from one or two foods to more.
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