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Re: Non-biased BF info

I second the suggestion about finding someone to help before you have the baby. And flat out refuse to leave the hospital until you are comfortable with it. They can't make you leave!!

When I had dd2 I was so nervous about bf. I had done it the first time (for 10mos) but never like it, it hurt for months and it was 5yrs before so I didn't even remember how. I think my midwife put a note on my file about it because the lactation people were in an out of my room at the hospital constantly. And I didn't accept vague instructions. I wanted DETAILS about how EXACTLY to do it. I'm sure they thought I was nuts.

Our women and children's hospital has a bf clinic and if you phone them crying you get an appointment as soon as you can get there. They are very sweet. Also check out your local health unit. Mine had the most wonderful health nurses. They weren't necessarily lactation people but they were often moms and had a lot of practical info.

Try DR Jack Newman for instructions. He's heavy on propaganda, but his instructions are pretty detailed. I just ignored the propaganda.

You know what though, as hard as I found it, I have a number of friends who thought it was no big deal and super easy.
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