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Originally Posted by Marbie View Post

Total for 3/12: 8

Grand running total: 747
Sold our old diaper genie
Sold a huge and ancient filing cabinet that wasn't working out for us
And I revisited the kids' closet and put 5 items in the donate box, tossed/recycled about 15 random things out like annoying hangers and old boxes

Plus I finally finally bought bins that can fit under the train table. I moved the tracks into those bins and then sorted outgrown clothes into the former train bin and put that in the closet. Then I set up the closet so that there is an open bin for clothes we want to save for future babies and an open cardboard box that we can put donation items into quickly and easily. Hopefully having those two sorting spots will keep chaos in check. There's even room in the closet now for the mega blocks wagon so it's out of the way but still accessible. Yay! I'm so happy with their organized closet!

Total for 3/15: 22
Grand running total: 769
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