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Originally Posted by Catbutt Diapers View Post
How would I convince her to try nursing again? The last few times we have tried have been cuddled up on the rocker in her room at night, so the perfect atmosphere, and she still just wants nothing to do with the boob. I had always planned on nursing till 1 year and everywhere I look it says I'm a horrible mother for not nursing at least 1-2 years. I really want to continue on...
You are NOT a horrible mother for this. BFing, while important, is one small piece of the type of mother you are. Despite my best efforts DD1 refused the breast, and pumping only got us to 4-5 months. DD2 nursed til 13-14 months. Only you can decide to what lengths you are willing to go to continue nursing, but whatever you decide will be what's right for you and your baby.
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