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Re: Is 2oz a day worth it?

Originally Posted by birdinhand View Post
I took Reglan for stomach issues and I was one of the lucky few who experience the extrapyramidal symptoms which basically made me feel like I was hopped up some uppers where I couldn't stop moving my arms and legs. It really sucked -- like extreme restless leg syndrome in my arms and legs. I hate that stuff! But I agree, if it works (especially if it's cheap!), I would take it, just beware of how you are feeling on it when you first start it, like any medication, really.
That stinks. It is amazing how a med can effect each person. My MW prefers dom too. I had no choice though. I have to be on it the whole time I nurse so I have to have free verses thousands of dollars for years. I always wanted to try it as I heard it works best. Although Reglan has worked just fine for me.
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