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My son is 3 years old and has severe feeding problems also. We are at the point where his diet is Neocate Jr only. I am thankful that he can manage that orally (he drinks from a baby bottle). But he can't even take oral medications. He has a severe sensory processing disorder that affects his oral motor abilities, among other things. He has a birth defect that left the right side of his lower lip paralyzed, low tone, severe food allergies, a blood sugar disorder (so trying foods throws off the carb, protein, etc balance leaving his sugars too low and risking an ER visit or 9 11 call) and the drs suspect that he has Eocinophylic Esophagitis and he has gross motor delays.

We had 2 times when we were able to get him to leave chewable benedryl in his mouth long enough to dissolve but now he's gagging on that, too. We have to do Tylenol suppositories for fever or go to the hospital for IV meds.

We are just about to start a feeding program at a national children's hospital. Between the allergies & EE, he may not have a bunch of safe foods but even if he had a couple & could manage oral meds, that would be awesome.

I'd see if there is a feeding program in your area. The programs range from more intense at a hospital to OT programs at a therapists office to help work with sensory issues. It can also be helpful if the sensory issues are affecting other areas, too.

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