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Re: what got you through transition (natural birth)?

Originally Posted by jamieism View Post
Graceful was the last thing I was. Are there really mamas that have graceful births? If there are I am not sure I can be friends with them. They are clearly a different breed.
The videos we watched in my birth class showed these silent, stoic women. No noise when pushing. Minimal noise through transition. I think it really psyched me out for my first birth because I was so loud and unable to get through without complaining and crying. I was not what we saw in birth class on the dvd's so I thought I was doing it wrong.

Now that I'm an instructor I really try to vary what I show to my students, because I want them to know that if they are whining it's okay, if they are quiet it's okay, if they are loud it's okay. For my last birth I said, out loud, to the room, "Can everyone in here please just acknowledge that THIS REALLY SUCKS!?!" and they did, and I felt better for that one contraction at least!
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