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Re: Anyone in Thailand? :)

Okay, the lady who hand washed my clothes hung them out to dry. My clothes were never machined dried. But I did not live in a classic apartment. I lived at the back of a family owned house and it was their worker who took my laundry for extra cash.

Some apartment buildings have communal laundromats too. I simply never used any of those things because I just used the services. If you live in an apartment and you are lucky to have a sizable balcony, you can probably line dry it on there.

Depending on the day, I don't think it takes too long to dry, but it isn't as fast as in a dry climate (also lived in Israel and the difference in drying time is remarkable).

Are you going to live in Bangkok? All the information I give you might be totally different if you live outside the main part of Bangkok. The further out you live, the bigger spaces you can rent for affordable prices. Bigger places, more space for hanging laundry and probably more likely that you will have good access to a washer and dryer.
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