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Re: what got you through transition (natural birth)?

Originally Posted by mama_to_DJM View Post
Umm... oxygen? LOL No really, I wasn't handling it very well (I distinctly remember wanting out of my body!), and wasn't breathing evenly, so I got an oxygen mask. Nothing really helped me through it, I just did it because I had no choice!
^This for pushing. And I then focused on FIGHTING the stupid thing that felt like they were trying to smother me to death with and then the Dr finally got there and baby boy #3 was out in minutes. Don't arrive at the hospital at 9cm at 6 AM if you don't want to freak out some nurses.

For transition, riding in the car for about 25 minutes and keeping focused on NOT making your DH wreak works OK...but I don't want to try it again.
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