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Re: Brother/sister baths

Originally Posted by mcpforever View Post
Well for DS1 and DD, it was when he decided to tickle her in an inappropriate place-but not inappropriate manner. He was about 6. She was a little over a year.

DD is now about 6 and DS2 is 4.5 and they still bathe together. It's starting to get pretty crowded in there and by this time next year I anticipate our (unborn) DD2 will be ready for the big bath tub and we'll be in a house with more bath tubs to go around. DD1 will be ready for big girl showers.
Mine are around the same age as yours and they still bathe together too. Its more of a space issue than anything else. They are just getting too big to fit in the tub without being in each others space. We will be starting seperate baths/showers shortly.
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