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Before: I worked out 5x week and thought nothing of getting home from work/gym at 7pm. Now: I can't bear the thought of being even 5 mins late, so I wake up at 4am to pick up DD at 415!
Before: I had a subscription to Bon Appetit and thought nothing of spending 3 hrs making dinner. Now: If I can't make it in 24 mins it isn't in the rotation.
Before: i didnt like shopping and never went to the mall. Now: i still dont like shopping :-) but we go to the mall occasionally so DD can ride the train.
Before: a 4 hour happy hour with friends or coworkers was a regular thing. Now: yeah, lol, that would take a month of planning and I would have one drink
Before: we would go to a bar (esp today selection sunday!) or snowboarding etc for fun. Now: i am spending the afternoon with my PL'ing 2Yo, sticking pompons to a piece of packing tape over and over and over. And i think its the greatest thing ever!
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