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Re: Need help from those with experience in severe feeding problems

I realized by trying to hit every major point in my original post I messed up and forgot to type my request for targeted ideas on swallowing, opps. It was totally my fault. I specifically needed help figuring out how to get him to swallow. We spent a year just getting him to open his mouth willingly.

We had a huge back slide mid-year due to some severe GI problems ramping up. Hopefully knock on wood those issues are resolved but only time will tell. It has been weeks since he has asked for his Lortab or Codeine for GI pain management.

Thanks Kristen, I will keep the food chaining in mind for when we finally get him to swallow. Your tips sound great I'm just not sure he is ready to move forward yet.

Thanks Stephanie, unfortunately the local children's hospital doesn't offer inpatient programs and I don't have the funds to go out of state. Fortunately, his SLP is the best we have had of all his SLP's so far we have just hit a snag is all. I totally respect her ability to place ego aside and admit she needs better ideas how to address this. With my son many delays and medical needs I find far too often therapists try to pretend they can handle things when they can't. I can work much better with someone searching for a solution vs someone trying to make an awful therapy technique work when it clearly does not.
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