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# of diapers for a newborn it is not as if I've never cloth diapered a newborn...I did cloth for my dd since she was a week or two that number 2 is on the way, I've started to buy my dipes and I'm wondering how many is too many??

I was thinking I'd like to do laundry about every other day. I'll have only 1 diaper pail, so both my older DD's diapers and Baby#2's diapers would go in it. So..I'm guessing it would be full, at least every other day if not more frequently...

I have 6 used Kissluv 0's from my DD
2 pockets
1 XS Motherease Sandy's (new)
24 Brand New, never washed Kissluv 0's from the outlet
at least a dozen preemie prefolds, though, I don't plan on using them unless I was desperate...I really preferred the fitteds.
12 KL boosters plus 3 used inserts about the same size

I'd like to but more XS Motherease Sandy's because I think the new baby will get more wear out of them than the KL0's... I sell a dozen of my new KL0's and just buy another dozen XS Sandys? Or keep the KL0's and also buy another dozen sandys??

Any advice? This pregnant mama can't make a decision at the moment!
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