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Re: Ebay fees

You can list auction style (up to 50 free) a month.
The final value fee includes shipping. It is in your best interest to ship as cheaply as possible. ( the best shipping thread ever!) The Final value fee is about 9% but I calculate 10% as it is much easier math.
Paypal is 30 cents plus 2.3% of the total amount (includes shipping) I use 3% as it is easier math!

Example :
You list diaper. You sell it for $5 plus $3 shipping. Total $8.00
Ebay gets .80 cents
Paypal gets 30 cents plus 24 cents = 54 cents
Shipping is $3.00
You get =$3.66 (appox)
(If you sold it on Diaperswappers, you only have paypal fee so you would get $4.46)

You can always calculate ahead of time the price of fees and adjust the price as needed.

ETA: As a PP mentioned sometimes they will hold fund. Usually this is only for the fist 20 transactions or so. The $ is held for 2 weeks or until Delivery confirmation shows the item arrived. If you use Ebay shipping it will let you use the funds from the sale to buy postage online. If you do not buy postage online, you should manually enter the DC number (tracking # as it is now called) as you will get your $ faster that way.
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