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Aww shucks! Thanks all. I really am in love with this dress. It was so simple.

There will be four bridesmaids and I think we're probably all going to wear the dress different ways. One of the reasons I wanted the bride to see these is because one bridesmaid is across the country and another is in the Bahamas. It would have been tough to make anything more fitted for everyone when I won't be able to do any kind of fittings until a few days before the wedding. And the girl in the Bahamas doesn't have access to the bridal stores we do here if we all decided to buy something retail. This seemed like a great compromise. I showed the bride these pics and she really likes them. We need to see what kind of colors we can get (that shouldn't be a problem) and confirm that the other girls are ok with it, but I think we're a go on the infinity dresses!
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