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Re: Sad for a friend today...

How sad! Prayers for the family!

Originally Posted by stevensmom View Post
We lost my cousin at 3 months to SIDS (25+ years ago)...he was at my grandmas house (she had a daycare) and when she went to go get him up from his nap he wouldn't wake up

That is one of my biggest fears after pregnancy. And if it truely is SIDS there is nothing that could have been done. In my aunt and uncles SIDS grieving group, one of the parents was an anestethiologist (however that is spelled) and their son died right in his arms of SIDS. *This is a hot topic of mine and I hate debating it *

Sending my love and prayers to your friends family.
I remember watching something a few years ago about SIDS and actually where you are has more incident of SIDS then any other region of the country. They were trying to figure out why. Didn't make much sense to me that it should be more active in one area of the country and not another. If you think about it, there are potential reasons for it to happen anywhere.

I hope they are able to figure out what happened. Unexplained is never an answer in my book. It just makes it that much harder to understand why.
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