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Originally Posted by bluedaisyma
Expensive fabric, hard to find fabric and as people said, things like a wcmt are made by one mama, sometimes with a lot of customs, etc. I have seen some cashmere wraps go up to $1000. Thing is, they hold their value or increase. I only buy used carriers and would rather spend more for a better quality used one than a poorer quality new one. And if I count the hours I wear a baby a day up through age 3 or longer, it's pennies a day or less! Just like ppl pay $1000 for a bugaboo stroller.

sry 4 abbrev, im 1 hnd-ed typng & nak frm my iPhone
The last part hit it exactly for me. I don't use a stroller and so an expensive carrier is my stroller. I wear my kids constantly and into toddlerhood. In fact DS is 4 and still gets worn when we need to walk alot or if it is really busy because he gets nervous (sensory issues). People don't think much of a 2-300 dollar stroller and my carrier serves that purpose.

I also like variety for different situations and temperatures. I still covet a woven wrap ( a nice one) but right now I just have 2 moby style wraps (1 really stretchy, one just sorta stretchy), a gauze wrap that I made, 2 Mai tai's, a maya wrap ring sling, and the ergo.

The only one I paid full price for was the ergo.
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