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Re: August 2013 Chat ~ March 17-23

I just dried plums nothing special.

Glad you had a good trip. I would love to come home to a clean house too! Maybe if I leave today the elves will come in and clean it for me.

AFM - I love having an open blog sometimes. I just got a comment about my 4.5 year old child riding in a stroller. We finally figured out what we will be getting for Nathaniel and so I posted it on there. I suggested that DS should be able to fit into any stroller we get because he still naps, and we are looking at a Baby Jogger and thought that it could be handy for DH to take DS (older) out of the house and go for a jog when he comes home from work. To me this is completely reasonable. DS hasn't been in a stroller in over a year (meaning strolling anywhere, not testing out a stroller)! And honestly he was walking about a mile (no joke) at 2 years of age.

The woman ripped in to me saying that my 4.5 year old would look silly (could care less about that and it isn't like he would be in it all the time) and that I would be contributing to the obesity epidemic. Seriously? I have photos of my son ALL over my blog. I would love for someone to say that my son is "fat". I can't get him to sit still for school work, let alone allow me to stroll him for hours on end.

Like I said, I love having an open blog sometimes.
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