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Re: August 2013 Chat ~ March 17-23

I do have to say that we had my son in a stroller at 4 and he did look quite silly But if we had a stroller that "fit" him it may not have looked silly. He was only in it because he had fallen asleep in the car and we were out looking at matresses so we plopped him in the stroller to sleep and carried dd (3 months old).

I did buy a nice jogging stroller for him when he was 3 and he looked silly in it because it was just to small for him.

If I could find one that would fit his size then I would have put him in one more. Otherwise he was riding on DH's sholders...which I think is causing more dh's back!

Now at 6 he walks on his own.

DD is 2.5 and in the stage of I don't want to be strapped down to anything! She was able to sit still when she was riding in our BFF's Britax ... she was in the back seat where there was no way she could get out...
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