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Re: If you coulodn't breastfeed your baby

Originally Posted by Layney82 View Post
I didn't and probably wouldn't use donor's milk at all and definitely not from a smoker. I gave DS every drop of breastmilk I could make (about 12-14 oz per day) and made up the extra 20-30 oz with formula.

I worked with LCs for months and did everything I could to get my supply up...I now know I have PCOS and IGT so will likely never be able to EBF. On a side note, from what I've read, inability to breastfeed isn't all that rare; it's somewhere between 5-10% of the population that will have some legitimate supply issue that's not poor breastfeeding management.

I agree with PP who said she would cry...I spent 7 months bawling over my non-functioning breasts, but I couldn't afford donor milk and wasn't really comfortable with feeding my child someone else's bodily fluids. Luckily, he did really well with formula and didn't have any allergies or intolerance issues.

This is my story, too. Many tears were shed before I finally accepted what I had to do. My DD is now EFF (plus solids) and thriving!
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