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Re: Bad hospital, I might just stay home

I suspect they will admit me to L&D without a heplock when the day comes. No need for drama, but I have it planned if I need it.

I don't really know what else to do. I have passed out twice looking at my own IV, and once I nearly fainted visiting a friend with an IV and way too many other tubes. Other than these occasions, I have never fainted. I am shocked the commenters are so concerned with the opinions of onlookers. Why on earth should I risk my labor to spare a few other people I don't know the trauma of seeing me in distress? Would you risk your health and baby to avoid making a small scene? I wouldn't and I won't. Shall I just submit to whatever the hospital wants, even if it will put me in danger? If you don't fight for what you want, you get whatever scraps life throws you. If I don't do everything I can, and then I faint and wake up maimed by a C-section it will be my own fault and I would more easily forgive myself causing a ruckus than forgive myself for doing nothing, submitting to mindless policy and wake up C-sectioned.

I know a home birth at this point is not possible as I have not prepared for it and beyond that I don't want one. I *want* access to medical care if I need it in an emergency. But it is very likely I will be put in serious danger if I have an IV and if I pass out looking at the IV. What if I am walking around and suddenly remember it is there and pass out and fall, hitting my head or falling on the baby? I cannot avoid looking at the spot the IV is (even if it is covered I know it is there) and I cannot avoid thinking about it throughout labor.

I plan to politely and firmly ask to be not be IV/Heplocked until something seems wrong, but if I am denied access to L&D - as the Dr. claimed I would be -even after being polite, what am I to do except labor in the lobby? I won't go home, because if I go home then I am refusing care instead of the hospital refusing to care for me. If I go home, the hospital is off the hook. If I stay, they will quickly make an exception and let me into L&D. Or, I will labor in the lobby and sue the hospital for denying me care. (This just will not happen. The hospital will admit me sans HepLock.) I know it is not ideal to make a scene, and perhaps it is a bit immature but it is 100% illogical of the hospital to force an IV on me after I have told them of my history of fainting. Again, I have to do everything I can to protect myself. And last commenter, I really doubt another patient could sue me for making a scene.

Now if something is amiss with my labor, I understand I will need an IV. I am afraid of IVs the way some people are deathly frightened of spiders. But if an arachnophobe is being chased by a lion she would not slow down to avoid some spiderwebs, if that makes any sense.

I will go tomorrow to the doctor and find out what the verdict is, I asked her to look into the policy and see if in my case I can skip the IV/HepLock considering my past history. If she didn't I will go up the chain of command.

Again I am really shocked that other people are not flabbergasted at the policy of the hospital as it was stated to me. The thread I started was just to share the craziness of mindless medical protocol, and to vent about my relationship to it. I decided that when faced with mindless policy I must plan to fight back with a level of drama and silliness to match. I didn't post here to be attacked by defenders of BigMedical. It saddens me to think that so many people would just submit to whatever a hospital or doctor wanted, even if it was not in their best interest and it is a shame that people would suggest that I knowingly endanger myself to avoid upsetting a few other people.

Due to the many very negative responses I won't be posting here again. Thank you all for the positive advice I did receive.
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