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Re: Bad hospital, I might just stay home

I know you said you wouldn't be back. But please understand that you posted looking for a lawyer when nothing has happened and you plan to walk into the hospital in an adversarial manner. Yes, they will likely admit you without the IV. However, I wouldn't worry about passing out walking the halls. If I had a patient come in with a history of passing out from the sight of medical interventions, you would be put on bed rest as a fall risk. It wouldn't be punitive, but for your safety and baby's safety. If you threw a big enough fit at the hospital, BehMed would get involved and you may well buy yourself a medical hold in which case you would not have a legal right to refuse intervention, including that iV.

I would calm down, stop worrying about lawyering up and plan to walk int L&D being reasonable and polite to those who will be caring for you. You get more flies with honey.

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