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The Tale of a CD addict

My first dd now 9 we used only sposies. To be honest I didn't even know cd's were still in existence. 4 years later, I was expecting our first ds. DH and I were walking around babies R' Us with me being hugely pregnant when we approach this end cap. This end cap has something called "Gdiapers" on it. We pick up a box that someone had half ripped open and I say "ewe are they really cloth diapers?!?!? " Dh looks a little intrigued and i walk away.

A few weeks later we returned and Dh again was drawn to these Gdiapers. He looks at me and says "what about these?" I remember thinking to myself "this man has lost his mind". I laughed said something like "yeah right! your Crazy!" and walked away. Then DS came .

We used sposies on DS for the first 4 months. Things got really bad for us financially we reached a point where it was hard to afford the disposable diapers. It was a real low point for us. With my tail tucked between my legs, I went and bought a pack of Gerber prefolds, pins and plastic pants from walmart. I washed every day.

We had lots of leaks. I then found diaper swappers. I then found FSOT on Diaper swappers and got a dozen little lion prefolds and 2 thirsties covers....the addict was born. That was over 4 years ago.

I like to remind my DH that it is his fault I mean, I didn't even know cloth diapers still existed but he kept pushing the gdiapers on me. I never did buy any Gdiapers though I think of them often.....I may get one just for kicks....I think my Dh would die laughing

That's my story! What's yours?
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