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Re: The Tale of a CD addict

First ds was in sposies, then got pregnant with twins and a mom from our playgroup was telling me about cloth diapers. I though they were really cute and would maybe try them if I was only having 1 but twins? I didnt think I would have the time or energy. Well the boys came and holy diapers!!!! I didnt think 2 little boys could go though so many diapers we were spending easily $300 a month on just diapers not including wipes and they always had a nasty rash. By the time they were 3 months old I had enough did some research and bought 24 charlie banana pockets. Fell in love! Got 4 diaper safari pockets and 4 kawaii pockets. They were super easy, so cute and best of all my boys rashes went away and never returned but I was washing diapers every single night. So hubby told me to go ahead and order whatever I thought I needed to make it easier on me and then I found ds! Now Im totally addicted and want to try everything but iv settled on my first set of pockets, a few bg 4.0s and the rest of my stash is prefolds and covers and fitteds and wool for night.
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