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Re: Ebay fees

Here are tips to reduce eBay selling fees:
- as PP mentioned, use your 50 free monthly auction-style listings. No insertion fees.
- quite often (like 2 or 3 times a month lately) eBay offers free listing promotional days. For example, right now, between 3/16-3/19, sellers can list up to 500 items either auction-style or buy-it-now, without any insertion fees.
- don't use any of the special features that you have to pay extra for (subtitles, cross-category listing, Gallery pictures, etc.)
- if you're a top-rated seller, offer the 1-day handling and 14-day return policy to get a 20% discount off final value fees. I recently started doing this and it's great.
- Most often, auction listings have lower final value fees than buy-it-now, with one IMPORTANT exception: electronics. So computer stuff, phone stuff, consumer electronics, etc. - these only have a 7% final value fee when listed buy-it-now. Whereas auction style listings all get a 9% final value fee charged. So ALWAYS list your electronics as buy-it-now.
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