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Re: The Tale of a CD addict

Originally Posted by QuartzandPyrite View Post
Oh my goodness, you should get a gDiaper just to frame it in your laundry room or something!

Once upon a time there was a girl, who was raised in a "green" city where everyone recycled and rode bikes and were generally earth lovin folk. Although she wasn't much of a hippie, she liked recycling and using towels and washcloths instead of paper that got thrown away. She had one hippie father, one salt of the earth midwest mother, and a lot of curiosity about the world. At the age of 16, she read a book about eco-conservation and became aware of how nasty diapers are in the landfill. But that kind of stuff is for MOMS to be concerned with, so she did her part and not much else.
BUT- here's the real story:

Let's be honest, in general she was a fabric junkie.
Her whole life had been spent sewing clothes and quilts and she made her living making dresses. Cloth diapers, while a fanciful notion that only MOMS had to worry about, were not a strange concept.

Then she graduated college, and her friends started having babies. She started a business making dresses that produced no fabric waste, and the notion of materials of any kind in the landfill was crazy all of a sudden. "Look at all this garbage!" She said "And most of it is fabric- and diapers. Hm"

A couple of friends were using diaper services so she knew they were out there. And when gDiapers set up their HQ in the same building as her studio (no joke- talk about enabling), the curiosity then killed the cat.

Because even though she didn't have kids or a husband or even a boyfriend, she became obsessed with cloth diapers. She didn't buy any, mind you. But she knew waaaaaaaaayyyyy too much about them for any mid-twenties single gal out there.

Fast forward a few years, and the guy is found, the girl is married, and there's a little bundle on the way. Naturally she chooses gDiapers because she feels a certain loyalty- they were her first! She buys a whole "stash" of gDiapers for her little man, and waits patiently for him to be born.

He is born. And boy can he poo! And the gDiapers are great. But what's this- something different? A prefold! A pocket! A whole community of people and all they want to talk about is sweet fluffy buns!
The stash expands.
The addiction takes hold.
The girl becomes pregnant again (an excuse to buy more diapers, her husband chides).
The stash is sold.

She knows what she wants (from a diaper). She knows what she's all about (when it comes to diapers). She is confident in her place in the (diaper) world, and about her future.
The stash is complete.
For now.
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