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Mine started with the options at Babies R Us as well. I was super interested in cloth prefolds. I received two cloth diaper cakes for my baby shower made with Gerber prefolds and pins. My mother told me that she used cloth for us at home because she was so poor. My daughter also had rash issues that started from day 1, litterally brought her home from the hospital with the worst rash I've ever seen. My mom kept telling me to put those cloth diapers on her, but she never actually showed me or told me about "plastic pants." DH and I just winged it and put one on her at 3 months old and she peed right through, of course. So, I went to BRU and found gDiapers. I thought they were cute and I liked the idea of hemp. daughter hated them and would cry when I put them on her. They always left horrible red marks on her so I gave up.

I tried every single disposable brand. After a year and a half of managing rashes and changing her within minutes of her every pee, I enrolled her in daycare. The daycare refused to change pee diapers sooner than every 2 hours. The only time they'd check her earlier than 2 hours is when she pooped between changes. Obviously a horrible chronic rash developed to which their solution was to cake desitin all over her butt and legs. It was awful and stinky every day. Finally I consulted google and found cloth diaper websites and diaper service. REAL DSQ cloth diapers. Covers?! What are these things? The daycare showed me some BG that another kid wore and I discovered pockets. Then I discovered diaper lotion potion spray in lieu of wipes and my daughter never had another rash again. Ever.
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