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Re: The Tale of a CD addict

I think my mom first planted the idea of cloth diapering in my head. She would tell me how the only kind of laundry she ever liked to do was washing diapers, and how she loved to see clean diapers hanging on a clothesline. Then when I was in grad school, I worked in a nursery taking care of infants for two years. I changed sooooo many diapers, and sooooo many outfits when disposable diapers leaked all over the babies' clothes. I started saying maybe cloth diapers wouldn't be so bad since you would already be washing poop out of clothes anyway. DH said no way.
Then we got pregnant. I brought up cloth again half-heartedly, but he shot the idea down again. When DS1 was six months old, my friend took me to a meeting about cloth diapers, and I was interested but overwhelmed. Again DH said no. Then I decided to go ahead and buy DS a cloth swim diaper. For some reason, I was just hooked after that swim diaper. I told DH that I really wanted to try cloth, and I promised he would never have to change a cloth diaper. Thanks to an awesome DS mama, I was able to get a complete stash for about $50. And we've never looked back.
Once DH realized how much money we were saving, he became supportive. And once he had to deal with a few explosive poops in sposies, he asked me to please put the babies in cloth when I left them with him.

Liz , wife to Mike and semi-crunchy mama to 4 little ones: Gehrig the minecrafter (04/08), Logan a.k.a. "Pigpen" (06/10), princess pumpkin Katie Rose (10/12), and chipmunk Lexi (06/14) I've been cloth diapering for 7 years straight!
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