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I joined a yahoo group called "Making It Home" that a few local mamas were members of. There was also a small magazine that went with it. It was Christian based with lots of homemaking stuff too. My interest was caught by an article for cloth maxi pads. I had never heard of PUL, HC, etsy... I sure knew of Ebay so I found a seller selling them. They made your flow less & you didn't itch or burn like disposible pads. I bought a package. They were ok BUT not good for night. So my mom helped me make a HUGE long pad using heavy duty vinyl table cloth as the PUL, some cheap purple flannel & a handmade pattern modified from that magazine. Back in '06 nobody at Joannes knew what PUL was. We didn't either. So we used what we could get (I still have that pad too & it rocks).

I got pregnant with DS2 in '07 & I was NOT going to use cloth. I tried cloth trainers with plastic pants from the PX back in '02 with Ds1. Not dealing with all that grossness. Too much work (even though my cloth pads were easy peasy, they didn't involve POOP!) My husband deployed when DS2 was 5 weeks, I was recovering from a c/s, serious hemorraghe & blood transfusion plus a Diabetic 6 year old in the PICU/having other medical issues. I couldn't hack BFing with all that above stress, how am I gonna use cloth?

Enter serious diaper rash, sposies causing awful redness & a tiny baby in pain. Time to look into cloth diapers a bit more... wow they are expensive! Thank you President Bush for a stimulus check that I promptly spend on cloth diapers. An addict was born...

Oh, when DS3 was born in Nov '11 my addiction came back still in full force!

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