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Originally Posted by frugalmomof2
I gave DH the go ahead for a $75 gadget today. He has had massive overtime this month and feeling really bummed about being away so much/being so tired from working so much/etc. He looked like a school boy shopping for a gadget... it was such a treat for him! So far this month DH has brought in $700+ extra from overtime for snowball/savings. I say a $75 gadget is well earned.

Then we sat down and discussed homeschooling option. It's a go so I need to figure out a budget for that, though it wont come close to private school tuition costs. I'm excited about tailoring their education to their interests and learning styles...I think it's great experience as well (I'm an early childhood education major).
I have found that to be important also when doing DR. I know the thought is to not spend/save/payoff until everything is paid off, but I really that leads to resentment of the hard work you are putting in. At least that was how it worked in our situation. Dh and I both said if we are working our tails off to get somewhere, we are going to reward ourselves occasionally. Actually on Saturday we went out to dinner alone (first time we did that since June). It was nice not worrying about how much we were spending, and having some time to ourselves. We go out once a month, but typically keep it low budget, this time we went to a steakhouse, dh was in heaven lol.

For us, everything is looking good. Spring time brings bugs (we have woods, mulch Ect) so I finally broke down and called my friends lady who sprays. $200 for the first spray and then $50 any other time I want her to come out during the summer. I probably could have done a big name company a bit cheaper, but my friend has been using her for years and says she is great, she uses Eco friendly products and is a local small business. Also paying another $100 on dh's debt. Holding the rest of my money until the end of the month to make sure nothing unforeseen comes up, but might be able to pay off 3-4 debts, depending on how sales go for me.
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