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Re: The Tale of a CD addict

I love reading everyone's stories! I'll use pictures to help tell mine, since as a true addict I have an album dedicated to cloth diapers and cloth diapers and action shots for easy reference...

When I was pregnant with DS1 I was asking some friends at church who had young children what brand of sposies they liked best. Did I have to buy the name brand ones? Did generic work just as well? How to choose? Then another friend (AmJoyful on here) walked up, with her 6th child in her arms, and said quite matter of factly that she used to use sposies but switched to cloth once she realized how much money she could save.

I rolled my eyes. Ewww.... cloth diapers. Gross. I then looked at her clothes. And said "So you mean you put POOP in your washing machine? The SAME machine you wash your clothes in?" She laughed and said yes, and she assured me both her an her clothes are clean. Sure she looked clean, and I didn't notice an unpleasant odor surrounding her, so I thought maybe she could be telling the truth, but still - gross. No way would I be putting poop and pee in MY washing machine.

But her words kept ringing in my ears. And since she also told me about couponing I thought that at least I could google and find out more about what cloth diapers are like.

I found cottonbabies, and decided I'd try flips. I ordered a few covers and some prefolds.

Then Trip was born. I had a big stash of newborn sposies that were given to me, so once we were out, at about 3 weeks old, I started putting him in cloth. It was so cute and way easier than I thought.

I'd been eying the Chelsea Perry BG 4.0's but they were just so expensive I couldn't justify it. Then they went on sale. And boy was I hooked.

Then there was a local cloth diaper swap. I found Kawaii and Sunbaby. Oh the bamboo minky was so soft and the prints were so cute. The addiction started.

First stash shot:

I thought at the time that I'd never have to buy any more. But I was hooked.

I ventured into fitteds/wahm's. TROUBLE!

But I preferred WAHM AIO's.

Of course I had to try every AIO diaper on the market.

My new stash looked like this:

Trip started having rash issues, so that only worsened the addiction. I had to find a diaper that would work for his sensitive skin. I got sucked into Ragababe and Chelory.

He is even on the Ragababe website if you look... that was a proud mommy moment for sure.

Plus a full stash of BGE's. Oh the resale value those things would have had now.

Eventually my addiction overtook me and I sold almost everything in order to recover.

Finally, with the birth of Kai...

I have been able to come back to why I originally wanted to CD (to save money). And I have FINALLY found stash contentment in a simple stash of flats and covers.

That's the tale of my addiction!
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