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Can I Install on the Middle Seat of a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

We just got a 1999 Jeep and it has one of those seats that is a little shorter than the other seats in the middle. It also only has a lap belt there. Can I put a car seat there? I know I can't have anyone boostered or sitting there in just the lap belt. I only have two kids, so this isn't a huge issue cause I can just put each kid outboard. But my other people do ride with us sometimes. I read the vehicle manual but it didn't say anything about it (it seems rather old fashioned on it's take of car seats). If I can install there, I assume I'll have to learn to use a locking clip.

Right now we have a FFing True Fit and a RFing Titan. I'm planning to buy a Harmony or Nautalis, or maybe a Maestro for my son soon as my daughter is almost ready to outgrow the Titan RFing and I want to switch her to the True Fit, if that matters.

Thanks for any help!
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