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Re: Why do I feel so lazy??

Originally Posted by RealMommyLife View Post
Thanks mamas. My son will be 3 in 2 months and my daughter is 14 months. I have struggled with depression my whole life, but I've definitely been worse as far as that goes. My aunt mentioned something about thyroid too. When I was pregnant both times I was so debilitated with laziness. I never got out of bed my whole first pregnancy practically. Hubby will get insurance in June. Right now none of us have it. Anyone know if it is my thyroid, what would the treatment for it be? I will also look into some iron supplements and see if that helps! If its not any of that, then I will look into some depression medication. I've never been on it and have always been afraid of it. So hopefully it's something physical that can be treated.
If you have a thyroid problem, you would receive a thyroid med that you would take daily and it will replace or regular the hormones that the thyroid is supposed to be doing. Basically the med does the work that the thyroid isn't. Thyroid problems can present as depression and/or exhaustion.

Also, something I forgot to mention in my last post. Don't let mommy blogs make you think that real life is something different than it is. There was recently a post on here about "fake-booking." It was about people only posting about the good things on facebook or constantly putting a spin on what happened that makes it look like something it wasn't. And, as I posted in that thread, that's really something that happens ALL ACROSS the online world. You talked about people posting about playing with their kids and so on, but remember, that's just a very small snapshot of life. And some of it isn't even real. In the 50's it was June Clever and the housewives on tv, today it's the mommy blogs. All of it is sugar coated, so much that it's really hard to find the real meat of life under it.

Real people don't have spotless houses all the time. Real people aren't 100% engaged with their kids, ALL the time. Real people screw up, make mistakes, yell at their kids, leave a mess sometimes, and get lazy. Real people aren't perfect. It's ok to not be perfect. Sometimes it takes a bit of work to accept that lack of perfection. Be ok with not being perfect. That doesn't mean don't try to improve, it doesn't mean that it's ok to constantly indulge in every whim, it just means that you don't let your flaws define who you are. They are just a part of it. Being lazy sometimes is ok. Being lazy all the time, while not ideal, doesn't make you a bad person. It just is one of those things to work to change.
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