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Need a rec for a toddler carrier for a kid in the 95th+ percentile...

Ok, so I need a reccommendation for a toddler carrier. My little guy is 20 months old and between 30 and 35 pounds...big kid. He's solid...95th percentile for height and weight. I have a mei tai that I used for working in the garden and walking this past summer but he's just too big for it...he's so tall he about falls out of it and he can walk on his own most of the time now.

Now I'd like to get something, WAHM or not, that I can use for around the house while he's sick and wants to hang off my hip all day. He's been in and out of colds and other seasonal bugs since the beginning of the year. Each time lasting around a week or so and he wants me to hold him while I clean, wash dishes, cook, he can feel comforted but is occupied too, I suppose. He doesn't want me to sit and hold him on the chair or to rock him. He just wants me to hold him while I do my general housework. No idea why but it's the only thing soothing him and he won't nap. Any recs or ideas of what I can get for him? Thanks!!
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