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Re: The Tale of a CD addict

My firstborn was in sposies, cause...well...that's what people used right? I liked Pampers best. They are also the most expensive. Geez, this kid goes through alot of diapers! Gah!
I got pregnant with #2 and did alot of reading on the Bump. I was amazed at how many people cloth diapered. "geez, I thought people didn't cloth diaper much anymore? It seems like alot of people cloth diaper." I started reading the CD board on the Bump. DS was mentioned. I found my way here, and started reading a bit on this board. "I'm pretty sure these people are speaking Greek", I thought. "Wow, they are really into cloth diapers! They honestly sound obsessed! What the heck?? What is wrong with these people??" Needless to say I was still intrigued. "No", I thought. "I hate doing laundry as it is! I will NEVER have time for this!" DH was interested. "Let's do it if you want", he said. God, I love that man! Time went on and I kinda forgot about it for a while. I talked about stocking up on disposables. "I thought we were going to do the cloth diapers?" he said. "Ok", I thought. "He must really be on board with this!"
Money was tight. The savings of cloth was what continued to draw me in. That and the never-ceasing strange obsession people kept referring to. "I'm already a research nut when it comes to baby gear, carseat safety, childbirth, breastfeeding, and making homemade baby food! What's one more thing?!" I thought
I started researching. Google and reading the DS forums was where it was at. "Flats? You mean, what our grandmothers used?? Looks like to much work!! Prefolds?? Wool?? Isn't that itchy? Ah, all-in-ones!! The more it resembles a disposable, the better!!"
The more I read the more it seemed like people suggested to try a variety to see what you liked. I ordered 4 Flip day packs (6 covers and 12 stay-dry inserts), 6 BGE's, a dozen Imagine Smartfit prefolds, a 3 pack of Snappi's, a wetbag, some Bac-Out, and some Nellie's laundry soap. "I'll use sposies for the first few months as to not overwhelm myself", I thought.
I ended up putting him in his first CD on his 1 month birthday. "Wow, these fit great! Why didn't I try them before!?" The washing was as easy as pie. "Why do people think this is so much work?" I thought. "This is no big deal at all!"
The stalking of DS continued, and my knowledge of CD'ing grew. People raved about flats. I decided to try some since I was looking for inexpensive and trim. I soon discovered that the diapers that I liked the most, are the simplest ones out there. Yep, my grandmother's diapers!
I now understand the obsession. I don't have money to do anything about it, but that's ok, cause I'm pretty stash content. Except for those few random things that I would like to try. Someday
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