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In addition to the other awesome suggestions, here's another to consider. Is your house really disorganized or cluttery right now. I hope you don't take offense, it's not meant in that way, just sharing my own experience. Until very recently, several areas of my house were a hot mess. I mean a Ridiculous, cannot walk without stepping on stuff, mess. I spent my days much the same as you. It was all just so overwhelming that I didn't know where or how to start, and it just made me kind of say eff it and give up. The kids definitely suffered for it.

Recently we had our bi-annual inspection for or foster care license, so we had no choice but to get it under control. I made a very detailed list of what needed done, and DH and I took turns watching the kids while the other knocked something off the list. It took two weekends and all the evenings in between, but we got it done.

Having it organized has completely changed my outlook! I can now take 10 -15 minutes and straighten up, and the house looks great again. I have a housekeeping and laundry schedule where I do a little every day and don't get overwhelmed. If I get behind (like now due to Dr appointments and a speech evaluation), it's pretty easy to let DH watch the kids for a couple hours and I can get caught up. I've even started meal planning and I'm using my slow cooker almost daily so supper is hot and ready at a decent time with very little effort.

I hope you don't take offense or think I'm assuming you are messy or unorganized, but your post just sounded so much like me a couple weeks ago that I wanted to throw it out there in case it helped. *Hugs*
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