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Re: Blessed with Children, Struggling for More February

Originally Posted by Love4leon View Post
Hang in there- I am 38- I think you have plenty of time. Infertility was pretty tough on our marriage and we both had moments where we wanted to give up. In the end, it was all worth it for us and our relationship is stronger for it.
I need to keep hearing this too. We've been arguing constantly lately, which is COMPLETELY out of the norm for us. I'm not sure it's the stress of everythign or the supplemental testosterone they have dh on is just making him mean. He's usually very mellow but lately he's just edgy and wants to argue and be right about everything. Totally not acting like himself.

Originally Posted by meeshkasheeba View Post
Carrie, I have been thinking about you as well. I hope things went or go well.

Laurel, you will do fine. I'm glad you are so close to your day now though so you can get it over with. How are the lambs doing? I love it when they are so young and goofy with too much energy.
Been wondering if Carrie had the transfer too.

I'm hoping it all goes well. Just really worried that I'll end up having to stay overnight and that my recovery will be longer than planned. Everyone at work keeps asking why I didn't just wait until summer to have it done (summer is a modified contract so I have more time off- but I still work). It's hard to explain that I don't want to put other treatments off until later or that I'm tired of having my summers taken up with surgery. Three of my last 5 summers have involved recovering from surgery. SOOO hoping this works. And I wish my genetic tests would hurry up and get back so I know the plan. It's not like it speeds anything up since we'll have to wait for my cycle to get back to normal, but I still just want to know the plan.
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