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Originally Posted by kittenbaby77
Stomach pain started at midnight then i started throwing up. Trying my best to hold fluid and some soup down. i continue to breastfeed.... Worried that my milk supply would go down. I was feeling dehydrated and dizzy so I made an appt to see the doctor in AM.

While I felt dizzy and sick, my lo held my finger and smiled at me. His sweet smiles and cooing voice made me strong. Although I did not have strength to pick him up anymore with lack of food, lack of energy. ( hubby doing all the lifting) I continue to breastfeed.... I have no idea how I still have milk with so little food.

Lo slept 7 hours straight thru the night again and I felt better after 24 hours battle with the sickness. I can finally eat again and drink without nausea.....

Life as a new momma sure is hard. U guys have my respects!
Just keep
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