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Re: Dave Ramsey Support Thread ~ March 18-24

Originally Posted by BNC View Post
Were doing OK here on everything but medical. We were just all feeling better and now me and ODD are getting sick again. We both have sore throats. Hopefully its just a virus and not strep (that way we can avoid the script costs, lol!). Also, I was actually able to get in to see my PCP tomorrow morning so I dont have to go to the care center. Usually the wait for my PCP is 2 weeks (for a sick visit and over 6 for a regular visit) so I usually just go to the care center when I get ill. I know I need to change pcp's with my insurance, but they are the dr's that oversee the midwives I use and we are trying for another baby. I dont want to have to switch away, then find out im PG and have to switch back, KWIM. SO at least I will save $120 since i dont have to go tot he care center.

We have to write a check to the girls school for $60 for a fundraiser. Each child had to sell a box of candy (60 bars for $1 each) and we were only able to sell one box, so we have to pay for the other. Sucks on two levels....i have lots of candy in the house, and we are out $60!

DH finally finished with our tax prep, so we are submitting them tot he tax guy this week and should hopefully have a refund in a few weeks. I'm hoping its enough tot cover tuition next year for the girls (our in-laws cover 50% of their tuition at a private school).

We received our annual manna credit report, from the school and we have earned over $400 towards their tuition next year just by using the manna program! If you not familiar with that (most catholic schools offer this) - You buy gift cards to stores (all sorts of stores for gas, groceries, clothes, etc..) from the school. The school buys them at a discount from the stores, and then splits the discount with you. So for example, I buy my grocery gift certificates from the school. The school gets a 4% discount on them from the company, and then they split the discount with us 50/50. SO the school gets to keep 2% of the value and we get 2% of the value towards out tuition (we buy the gift cards at face value, so I buy $200 worth or whatever and get $200 in gift cards). I have been buying all my gas, groceries, and other expenses I can plan (walgreens gift cards for prescriptions, etc...), along with my inlaws grocery money all year. I also work and earn $3 an hour by selling manna at the school on Friday mornings (I can bring my younger kids too). Thats a good chunk of money off their tuition! I will probably be able to get to around $700 for the year by the time the next school year starts! I know alot of schools (ours included) will allow you to purchase the gift cards even if you dont have a student there and then will write you a check monthly or bimonthly for the amount you saved. It might be worth looking into if you have a church /school nearby that offers it.

Thats it for me!
Originally Posted by lakemom View Post
We call it SCRIP but have the same plan. We put our funds towards either hot lunch account or SCRIP gift card (to buy more scrip cards). We too buy cards to fund as much of or monthly spending as we can. Our school splits the "rebate" by 75/25 with the school getting the larger amount.
We call it scrip also. We get 50% of the proceeds and I buy most of our groceries and gas with it (unfortunately Aldi's isn't on the program). We didn't use our credit last year since we started hsing, but I'm hopeful that if we send DD1 back next year, the amount we've accrued will be substantial. Even if it's not much, some is better than none.
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