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Originally Posted by weesej
Yup, I was on 4 times daily insulin. It is very normal for your needs to go up until delivery....that's just because of the placenta hormone load keeps going up. Don't worry about the amount you are on, just take enough to control the sugars. One thing that helped me control those wretched after breakfast # is I ate the same breakfast every day....2 eggs and 1 slice of toast with 1 t natural jam. That way I knew any increases were not just due to a dietary slip-up. I was able to be more flexible with lunch and supper. Just to make you feel better...I ended up on a total of 220!!! units per day this last time AND IT STILL WENT AWAY AFTER DELIVERY. None of the Drs can believe it Baby weighed a healthy 8lbs 11 oz a few days shy of 38 weeks.
I don't eat anything new anymore. Then I know that the insulin isn't enough and we adjust. Eating the same things over and over again is driving me crazy. I'll never eat eggs again.

My dietitian is concerned that I may have diabetes. She asked me to see my pcp for testing. My insulin is adjusted twice a week. I just want to eat what I want when hungry instead of feeling like a slave to food.

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