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Originally Posted by bumminbeachbabe
This is my first pregnancy with diagnosed GD. They suspect I had it with my boys, but it wasn't caught. The only reason they found it this time is because I didn't want to do the GTT, so I checked my blood sugar 4 times a day.

I'm 33 weeks pregnant and on twice daily insulin injections. We tried to control with diet, but I was having to eliminate nearly all carbs. I was losing weight, so I went on Metformin and even with a seriously low carb diet I wasn't able to control my sugars.

I've been on insulin now for 2 weeks and have had the dietitian tweak my diet because it's really important that I gain some weight. I'm now supposed to be eating 230g carb per day and at least 16oz of protein. Obviously that is affecting the insulin that I need. The last few days my numbers have been high or hugging the line. My insulin will be increased again.

Are there other mamas with GD that can relate? I see that there are a lot that have diet controlled or control with a bit of oral medications. Is there anybody else that is having to do insulin injections twice daily?
I did insulin 4x a day this last pregnancy... It SUCKED! I also took glyburide 2x a day. I delivered on 2/11/13 and had a healthy baby. It'll be over soon enough mama
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