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Re: What is fourth baby like?

#1 was very high needs. He was extremely colicky, cried 16+ hours a day for basically the first 6 months. Feeding him was a struggle and virtually nothing made him happy. He also ended up having sensory issues, feeding/aspiration issues, and was eventually diagnosed with autism.

#2 was much easier than my first, but always needed to pretty much be attached me.. she was still pretty high needs.

#3 was extremely challenging! He was extremely cranky, medically needy, suffered from sensory issues and was easily overstimulated. Feeding was a nightmare. He is still my little trouble maker.. he also has developmental delays, sensory issues, speech delays and mild cerebral palsy.

#4 had a rough start (31 weeker, complete abruption, 8 1/2 weeks NICU) but ended up being my easiest baby once we got past the NICU rollercoaster. He was and still is (at 2 1/2) a very easy going, happy child.. and possesses this amazing quality of being abe to amuse himself. He doesn't really talk yet but he has this amazing awareness of his world and listens and follows directions, is eager to help and clean up after himself, and pretty much always has a smile on his face.

I always say thank goodness #4 was so easy because I NEEDED an easy baby after the first 3!
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