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Originally Posted by keithmommy

I am the one that said that. Probably about 5-6 years ago I emailed and asked if I could order a stay dry Sandy after reading a thread here about someone who said they did. Back then, motherease said I could buy one but they didn't recommend it. So after reading through this thread I emailed them again last night and asked again. I just heard back they they do not make stay dry Sandys.
I always used the Motherease stay dry liners inside the fitteds and that did the trick for us. We own a bunch of the Motherease stay dry liners and I use them in all brands of diapers to make them stay dry.

I've been a big ME fan for the past 14 years. These are the best quality diapers and the Airflow covers never leak. We still have working Airflows that I bought in 2000!

My other favorites are the Wizard Uno and Duo's. If I had a smaller child, I'd have a full stash of them. My only complaint is that my son is 43 lbs and out grew them a while ago.

I've seen a few people mention the ME bed wetter pants. What size do they fit up to and how absorbent are they?

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