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Originally Posted by epanouie

I could totally echo all you said...except that I've not quite used them as long as you...ten years, here! I agree that there is nothing that can stand up to the quality of workmanship!!!

I loved the bed wetter pants for my oldest...he had trouble at night until he was six years old. The rest of my kiddos did fine after PL even during naps and night, so that is my only experience, really. I used them for four years with great success! They are super absorbent! If you look on the ME site it will give you how many pounds for each different size of pant. Since it was so long ago that I bought mine (2004) I don't remember which one i got!
Thank you! My son is 3, big for his age and has special needs so I'm expecting him to be in diapers for a while. We've been having fun finding things for him to wear as he keeps growing and wetting more but needs stay dry. He's on a completely liquid diet and drinks 6 oz every 90-120 minutes all night so he wets a lot at night.

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