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Originally Posted by ssand23

Thank you! My son is 3, big for his age and has special needs so I'm expecting him to be in diapers for a while. We've been having fun finding things for him to wear as he keeps growing and wetting more but needs stay dry. He's on a completely liquid diet and drinks 6 oz every 90-120 minutes all night so he wets a lot at night.

Stephanie, mom to 3 big girls (10, 13 & 19) & 1 sweet little guy (3)
You're so welcome! I have been so pleased with them that I never even tried anything else! As you can imagine, a six year old can pee out a LOT at night, too, and it held it in If he would wake in the middle of the night and was wet, I'd have him change into another pair, of course, so I had several on hand
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