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WAHM fitted heaven! (Just Bugga Bugga left)

1 diaper left!

First up:
2 EUC Minky T&T Bububebe Fitteds
$18ppd $22ppd each or both for $34ppd

I bought these in EUC from Spot's, hoping to use them as nighttime diapers with wool. Instead, we are using pockets, so they were never worn here. They are super-absorbent and would be perfect for nighttime. No staining or other issues, snaps and elastic are great. They each come with 3 snap-in soakers, so you can customize absorbency. They are OS with a snap-down rise. Minky outers, cotton velour inners.

Small Bugga Bugga Boutique Fitted with Aplix (Pink Cranky Clouds)
Sticky Peas NRSS (Retro Hearts)

I bought the Bugga Bugga brand-new in Aug. '12. It shows quite a bit of wear on the laundry tabs and aplix, as pictured. The tabs are still totally functional, but have some curling and pilliness. Otherwise it's in great shape - some slight wash wear, no staining.

I bought the Sticky Peas from Spots in November. I'm too lazy for snapless diapers right now! It's in VGUC with quite a bit of wash wear and pilliness on the fabric. Tight elastic, no staining.

2 VGUC Small Short Rounds Fitteds
$14ppd $15ppd each or both for $26ppd

I bought these used from a mama on DS and they are too small. They are such incredible diapers, so I'm hunting for mediums! They are side-snapping bamboo fitteds with estimated weight range of 12.5-25 lbs. (I would say they fit until about 20 lbs. on my DD.) They are still super soft and squishy, but have some very minimal light staining. (See detail pic.) Elastic and snaps are perfect.

5 VGUC Medium-Long Little Boppers Fitteds
$11ppd $12ppd each or all 5 for $50ppd

These have OBV inners and outers. They are soft and very absorbent with perfect elastics and snaps. They have some light staining on the inners and one has a mark from my dryer on the outer (see pic). 4 have lavender snaps and 1 has pink snaps. Estimated weight range: 15-30 lbs.

2 GUC El bee Baby Medium Fitteds
$14ppd each or both for $25ppd

I bought these from a mama on DS because I had always wanted to try them. They fit like a dream, but I just haven't been reaching for them. (We have way too many fitteds and I prefer my prints. ) They are in GUC with no binding holes. Some light staining on soakers. They have some wash wear, but no major issues.

Coming soon: Medium Bumstoppers (Side-snapping CV solids), Small Megaroos, more Sticky Peas (OS and mediums), small Pianissimos

Fine Print:
ISO Paypal only

These come from a smoke-free, dog-friendly home. I ship priority or first class with DC to US only. (Sometimes I am able to ship to Canada, so please ask first.) Please PM me if you're interested. Once a buyer asks for my Paypal address, I will hold diapers for 12 hours before moving on to the next interested person. Thanks!

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