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Re: Why do I feel so lazy??

I agree with the thyroid check, do you know if any women in your family have Hashimoto's? It tends to run in families.

In the meantime try some or all of these things: exercise. I know it sounds counterproductive, if you don't feel like moving why would you want to move on purpose?! But it helps a lot, in some studies it is shown to help more than meds. Get a super B complex vitamin. Take fish oil, flax seed or evening primrose oil (some say the EPO is best for women) to get your omega fatty acids. If you have a smart phone then put it away. If you can lay on the couch and keep yourself entertained for hours then you have no reason to move.

I have 5 kids and I have struggled with depression and laziness and burn out for 13 years. When I am sitting on the couch thinking about how boring life is then I am not happy and I bet you aren't either. Yeah, the first steps are hard. Housework and playing with toddlers is not really fun but you need to do this, for your kids and for yourself.
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