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Huge lot of boyTinkle Time Trainers size 2 and M

These are all in really good condition. We didn't use them very long at all, and none were worn more than 5 times. They are all still soft. I am posting specifics about the stains, but I haven't tried sunning them at all but they will likely come out. We are a smoke free.

These were all custom ordered from Ladder Hill Designs and all have an extra row of snaps to allow a tighter fit.

Night Pockets with snaps (extra row added)
Size 2

Airplane- excellent condition, no stains $19ppd

Pirate- excellent condition, very faint stain on leg $18ppd

Firetruck- excellent condition, no stains $19ppd

Thing 1- very good condition, very faint small stains and slight wash wear $17ppd

Day Trainers with snaps (extra row added)
hidden PUL

Ninja- excellent condition, no staining $19ppd

Dump Truck- excellent condition, no staining $19ppd

Soccer- excellent condition, very faint small stain $18ppd

Orange Lizard- very good condition, light wash wear and very faint staining $17ppd

Footballs- Very good condition, light staining $15ppd

Dinosaurs- very good condition, light staining $15ppd

Lizards and Bugs- Very good condtion, light staining #15ppd

Pull Up Day Trainers
I don't think these were ever worn, size Medium

Soccer- Excellent condition, no staining $16ppd

Dump Trucks- Excellent condition, no staining $16ppd

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