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WHY is my 2 year old waking up so much at night???!!!!

I seriously don't get it and she's killing me. She has never been a good sleeper, has good periods and bad periods. But recently has been the worst its been in a while. She's never sttn. She wakes up crying every time, usually screaming and waking the whole house up. I have been trying to night wean her but three hours into her first wake up and she's still screaming and crying I give in (this is a repeat pattern. She will not go back to sleep until she nurses. She will stay up for hours).She ends up in bed with me, my 6 month old and at least one dog every single night. I get 2 inches of space. My back is killing me and I'm like a zombie all day long. I just can't take it anymore. I fully expect the 6 month old to wake up but she wakes up, nurses and right back to sleep. Easy peasy. My two year old is torturing me and DH is so fed up all he is willing to do anymore is let her CIO so I'm stuck trying to do this all on my own. Help!
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