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My last pregnancy was my most challenging (#6). I typically have easy pregnancies but since # 4 my varicose veins in one leg have gotten worse. Plus it seemed this last pregnancy I was sick a lot with one respiratory virus after another. It was very discouraging and I swore up and down that this would be my last pregnancy. Well... a few weeks after my son was born once again I felt like I could do this again. I've really been delving into my Bible to see what God says about it. Every time I question what we're doing God brings a sermon or an article or something to my attention to remind me that this is His plan.

Just as an aside...I recently bought the book Family Unplanning just for some encouragement. Before I got the book I briefly thought to myself "wonder what our week will look like after I get done reading it". I knew that we'd had a rough week right before my dh got his V reversal so I was trying to prepare myself (the enemy hates to see families grow). Anyhow, so I read the book and not long after we had a major chimney fire, lost power, all got the stomach bug, and dh has had a rough go of it at work. Fun times! However, with the chimney fire we will get to repair some things that needed to be done and thankfully it happened when it did and no one was hurt. I know more than ever that we need to stay the course!

It's so easy to get discouraged. I'm feeling a bit of that today after my 7 month old stayed up most of the night. This is temporal though. Yes, it's uncomfortable (I need my sleep after all) but when I think that I'm raising an immortal soul for God's kingdom and remember that it's not all about me, the job is all the more worthwhile. It seems like forever when you're in the moment but oh how fast it goes.

Just hoping to send a little encouragement to whomever needs it this morning. Unfortunately I need it on a regular basis and I know I can't be the only one. Mamas, you are the only ones who can do this job the way it needs to be done and in spite of our mistakes, you are doing an amazing job. Keep on keepin' on and you will reap the benefits!
Thanks mama . I will have to check out that book....
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